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Cancer and Major Illnesses Threatening Sacramento Valley

A recent study of major cities in America has revealed that deaths due to cancer and serious illnesses like heart disease are affecting residents of the Sacramento Valley region at greater rates than the rest of the country. Here at the Kevin Baker Insurance Agency, we have a vested interest in the health of our community and we will be launching a campaign to fight back against these disappointing trends.

Ambassadorship to Assist Health-Challenged Families

As #AgentsofChange Ambassadors for the Sacramento and Chico region, we are committing ourselves to providing meaningful assistance to families in the area that are dealing with cancer, heart disease, disabilities, and other life-threatening or life-changing illnesses.

We will also be actively supporting a series of initiatives in the Sacramento Valley designed to assist affected families, and we will be supporting community education programs aimed at improve our community’s preventative efforts to stop cancer and other serious diseases before they start.

There are a huge number of families in our area who need help, which is why we need yours.

How You Can Help Heal Families

You can help us by letting other people know about our commitment to providing assistance to health challenged families. If you refer in a friend or loved one, we can share our vision of this campaign with them. We will also provide them with a complimentary insurance appraisal, and afterward we will make a donation to a local initiative IN YOUR NAME to help provide support to the families in our area who need it most.

For a Healthier Sacramento Valley!

Working together, we can not only improve outcomes for families already affected by critical illnesses or disabilities, we can also help educate our community to reduce illness and injury in the future.

We hope you decide to join us.


Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker Insurance Agency

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