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The Bravest Woman

We never imagined the day we wouldn’t feel safe in our own school. Our agency is devastated by the recent news of the Rancho Tehama Elementary School and want to help those impacted by the mass shooting.

Tiffany Phommathep thought it was an ordinary day driving her four children to school when the unthinkable happened. A gunman pulled next to their truck and opened fire. Jake, her 7-year old son was struck on his foot, Johnny, her 10-year old son was hit twice on his calf and Niko, the 2-year old, has cuts from glass fragments. Tiffany had immediately tried to protect her family by covering them and was shot five times leaving a bullet inside of her intestine and her upper shoulder near her heart. She then drove approximately 7 miles going in and out of consciousness until finally reaching someone that was willing to assist her. The only thing that kept her staying awake was the crys of her injured children. “I am disturbed and distraught by the horrible acts committed on Tuesday. The strength that Tiffany showed is inspiring and I would like nothing more than a speedy and full recovery for the Phommathep family.”

We are raising funds to unite the community after this tragedy and help out where we can. The funds raised will go towards medical expenses, physical therapy and household needs and bills while Tiffany’s husband, Johnny, takes off work to care for his family.

Recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive an insurance quote from us and we’ll donate $10 for every person you recommend! It’s that easy!!!

They only need to receive a quote – there is no obligation to purchase.

Getting involved has never been so simple – or Free!

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