By Kevin Baker | February 18, 2019

Can I get homeowners insurance coverage in a wildfire-prone area?

Hi, Kevin Baker here, with Kevin Baker insurance agency, and a common question right now is whether or not I can get home insurance in a wildfire prone area. California has seen some just horrible, horrible events, including the Camp fire, Carr far, Hearst fire, Tub fire, just the last five years have been horrendous, and insurance companies have chosen to underwrite these areas and in some cases not renew their clients in wildfire prone areas. The availability of insurance is not as common as used to be, so there’s less and less companies available to insure there.
I want to assure anybody watching this video that they can get home insurance through my agency, through a company that Allstate owns, and we write almost anywhere in California, in forested areas. But, home insurance pricing does change once you get into a forested area. It is based upon what degree of slope you have your home built on, also how far you are from brush, and those types of things, and fire protection. For instance if you have a fire hydrant within 1,000 feet of your home, and if you’re within five miles of a fire department. Any questions, please give me a call at 530-893-8301, or email me at and I’d love to answer any question that you have, and thanks for taking the time to watch this video.